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please note that the list is INACTIVE for now.

Join simply by sending a message to (click here to send the message now) from the email address where you want to receive list postings. Make sure the words "subscribe pol-profs" is at the beginning of the body of the message.

The POL list is an open forum for academic discussion of public policy issues from a classically liberal perspective. The only rules are:

1. No spamming.

2. No flaming or nasty personal remarks. Let's keep the discussion civil please.

3. Do not send posts larger than 75k since the system will reject them.

4. No whining about too many posts. People are free to post as much as they please so long as the subject is related to BOTH (a) public policy and (b) classically liberal thought. People who do not want to read all the posts are free to use their delete key. Participants are asked to be thoughtful in using the subject line effectively and to be parsimonious when quoting previous posts.

List subjects may be anything related to policy and classical liberalism. Examples of some acceptable topics include, market-based regulatory alternatives, property rights, human rights (natural rights), Georgism, allodialism, abortion, theism and the "divine right of kings" doctrine, creationism/Darwinism, Austrian Economics, public choice economics, libertarian theory, anarchism, theonomy, politics and current affairs, gun control, drug laws, reviews of books and articles (or ideas for new ones), and law & economics issues.

All are welcome but the list is predominantly designed for academics, reflective lawyers, and policy professionals. Graduate students may also enroll but are asked to maintain courteous, professional standards when they participate.

A special welcome is extended to home schoolers and Christians (or other religious folks). The list is to be inclusive and not turn away people who have different beliefs or practices than "mainstream" classical liberals.

To post to the list, simply send your message to

The list moderator and owner is Dr. John Cobin, who teaches at various Chilean universities [email:] and the home page for Policy of Liberty and Dr. Cobin is or

Important footnote: This is an active list with several dozen (about 85) subscribers from around the world. If you do not receive posts soon after subscribing, it is possible that the listserver has sent you the "welcome to POL Profs" message without actually recording your email address on the server. In that case, simply send Dr. Cobin an email with your request and he will manually subscribe you. (You might want to send a note to Dr. Cobin anyway just so he can follow-up and make sure you are subscribed.)

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